Khalaf Masa'deh

The late Khalaf Masa'deh is the founder of Khalaf Masa'deh Co. LTD in the year 1971.  Sadly, Our Founder passed away on the 19th February 2015, may God rest his soul in eternal peace and mercy, after a gloroius legal career extending over almost five decades. 

Throughout the years, Khalaf Masa'deh became one of the most renowned lawyers and first class litigators in the country due to his legal skills and deep writings.  He was highly regarded by all sects of the Jordanian community; the judiciary at large, his colleagues at the Jordan Bar Association, politicians and clients.  He occupied a number of distinguished posts such as the Minister of Justice; President of the Jordan Law Society; Member of the Council of the Jordan Bar Association; Legal Counsel to the Minister of Higher Education and the Minister of Public Works and Housing; and Board Member of the School of Law at the Amman Arab University for Postgraduate Studies.

His heritage and writings in the fields of Civil Law, Commercial and Civil Contracts, Expropriation Law, Governmental Bids, Property Law, Landloards and Tenants Law, Construction Law, Real Estate Investment and Development, and Arbitration are all documented and benefited from at our firm. 

Khalaf Masa'deh Co LTD and its members are proud to carry his legacy, name and ethics.  And the hundreds if not thousands of his clients will always remember him and celebrate his glorious work.